Friday, January 15, 2010

Old Navy, How I Love Thee

Today is the day, bargain hunters! Old Navy's clearance items are now an additional 50% off. So head click over here, find yourself a coupon, and high tail it over to your nearest Old Navy. I was able to shop child-free this evening and left with $315 worth of merchandise (which of course I would NEVER have paid full-price for). What did I pay? $43.00.

Most of my purchases fell under the "Buying Ahead" category, mostly for TaDa3. They included some adorable velvet and tulle skirts I had been eye-ing for some time, jeans, tons of tops, and yes, even some crazy-cheap shirts for little ol' me. I also snatched a few ultra-cheap baby items to stash away for gifts. I'm telling you, it feels good, people.

So get on over there and buy some sunglasses for a little over a buck or some tanks for .97!

1 comment:

  1. Just wanted to share my old navy savings with you :)

    Also those cakes are super cute :)