Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fairy Cake

As TaDa3's birthday approached, she frequently told me about how she was going to have a "fairy cake" for her big day. She had seen a doll cake (you know, the one with the Barbie sticking out of a bell-shaped cake) at our local grocery store made with a Barbie fairy and was fixated on having a fairy cake of her own.
This being only her 3rd birthday, I wasn't quite ready to take the Barbie plunge. She's still a tiny little girl, for Pete's sake, so I was scouring the depths of my mind for some creative inspiration. Nothing.

Then I remembered this book and I had an idea. I am not especially crafty, but this book inspired me to pick up a needle and learn how to daisy-stitch. A little fairy was made and now needed a cake to call home.

I took a borrowed Pyrex bowl, greased and floured it, and baked the batter for about an hour. Whipped up some buttercream, piped it all over that sucker, stuck in a fake flower and plopped my fairy on top. Voila.
The birthday girl was happy and thus, so was her mother.

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