Friday, January 22, 2010

Recycled Art

As part of Frugal Friday over at Life as a Mom, I'm sharing one of my favorite, FREE ways to occupy my oldest: the craft box.

As interesting items that might otherwise be recycled or thrown away come into my house, I toss them into a box I keep in the coat closet. Then, when we are in need of a diversion from the same old toys, books, and games, I pull it out. Since the items in the box are always changing and the nature of the box itself is so open-ended, this box is always a winner.

An added bonus is being able to observe the creative and often hilarious ways my kids will make use of the items in the box. Sometimes things are glued and painted and other times items become props for imaginative play. It's great fun and won't cost you a penny.

Here are some things in my box right now (to get you started):
empty wrapping paper tubes
corks from wine bottles
tiny brightly colored yogurt cup containers
baby food jars
old calendars
egg cartons
berry baskets
strangely shaped cardboard from packaging
empty canisters from baking powder, nuts, and baby cereal
clean socks who have lost their mates
bits of tinsel

What do YOU have in your house that could become a piece of art with the help of your child?

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